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Halloween plans!

As of right now,
it turns out that my souldude and I will be alone Halloween.
The other three cancelled for personal things, which of couse feels really nice to not only spend time and stress around, and get super excited to see them all again, but also money to make it a good weekend for everyone. Yep, real nice..

Well, we can do it on our own as well, and we will probably end up finding more people around town.
So far, this is what I think we will do:

Friday is all about horror. Music and movies. Saturday we will dress up and take photos and have fun in the streets at night. Ghouls night out, yeah!
Sunday... rot away on the couch until Mephisto and I go home.

There will be eaten many nachos with cheese and stuff, and also delicious muffins etc. etc.
Photos will come :)

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