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After 3 years of waiting
for any news, any thing, any sign that this band was still alive... they finally returned.
Today, their new single "Metal" was available for purchase on iTunes.
I didn't know what to expect, cause the news-sites said this song showed what direction their next album would go.
I was very scared that it was something totally different, and not the Deathstars I loved. That it would be so disappointing to know I had waited for such a long time, for crap like this.

But it wasn't crap. It wasn't shit. It wasn't a disappoint at all.
Are you SICK this is amazing! It sounds like a twist between all their previous three albums, but REALLY reminds me of Synthetic Generation which was so great!
I am so HOOKED on this song, it's so good! It's better than icecream and chocolate!

I'm so happy and proud for Deathstars. And I can't wait for the 3rd of November to come.
See you there, Deathglamrockers <3

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