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This is Halloween!

Well, we were to celebrate Halloween on Saturday the 29th. October.
But then I got sick.

So I was in Pongo's bed most of the time, trying not to puke. Bahh.
But I still managed to get some fine photos of how it looked, and what we did now when I couldn't dress up.

We made muffins, and bought all this candy and energy drinks. Since I wasn't feeling well saturday morning either, we decided on no alcohol. But even though I became sick near the evening, we had a really good day with good music, Halloweenie movies and lots and lots of talking about old days and such :)
Pongo (blue hair) spend Sunday re-sewing my clothes, bringing me water, bringing me herbal teas, bringing me food I wouldn't eat, making sure I was warm, gave me pills and made me soup (first photo) and I think that my doing-better today is cause of her, so THANK YOU VÏKÏNG!

And Happy Halloween everybody!

More photos @ http://flickr.com/cliazcatt

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