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Still don't know what I'll dress up as.
You may not know that we here in Denmark doesn't celebrate Halloween. Lately we've began to sell Halloween stuff, but no one makes any deal out of it. We don't have any trick or treat at all, and kids rarely dress up.
We do use it as excuse to dress up as sluts and get drunk though...
That's not what I do. I spend Halloween weekend with my souldude, where we watch horror movies all days long, eat stuff, drink things and dress up and go out in the night the most terrifying places just to scare ourselves. We're usually 3-5 people together.

So yeah, for the past Halloweens I have been a cat, a dead girl, Wednesday 13, and I wanted to be a bloody butcher with a Paul Gray mask, but the mask didn't arrive in time.
This year, I have thought of different things:

Masky, Spaulding or Joey.
Dunno man...
It has to fit my dreadlocks :O

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