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I! Need! Money!

I am in serious need of money.
I don't have a single nickel lately, and to top it all the world decided to punish me for my always goo behavior, my loving heart and my ability to forget myself and focus on others.
I have bought a ticket every. Single. Time. I traveled with the train. This time, I thought I had because I bought it on my phone. Turns out, I never got it.
So I got a fine on 750 DKR!
I have, countless times, bought a ticket for somewhere, then remembering I was supposed to go off the train 1-3 stops before, therefore wasting money. I have paid enough already! How can this be fair? Buh!

Oh well. Because of my whiney cries, my dude Pongo were a sweetheart and bought these as early christmas present:

They are from Nelly.com and are only 79DKR, 118DKR with shipping!
I am gonna rock these at Steel Panther 8th of March!

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