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Life at the moment.

Lately, I've been going through a lot personal.

It has resulted in that I may drop out of Herning Gymnasium and start 1.g next year instead.
This means that for the rest of the year I will take a lot more hours at work and save up money so I can move to Silkeborg, live with best bud Pongo, and start in 1.g on the Gymnasium there.

But nothing has been fully decided yet. I have a meeting at school with someone who can help me decide, then a meeting at the doctor's tomorrow, and Thursday a meeting with two teachers and same woman as today, but this time my father will be joining me.

I am actually pretty stoked on the idea to just work and save money for a year. I have really gotten tired of school lately, actually I already began to get tired of it in the end of ninth grade, which is two years ago.
I could use this break to spend a year on everything I want, to get better, to get happy for my life again, and to re-discover my talents.

We'll see what happens.
Hopefully I will know by the end of this week (:

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