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Stuff has been bought.

And I know it's silly to buy stuff this close to christmas when I can just wish for it.
But what I really dislike about christmas is how wishlists has become more of a shoppinglist for what people need, but are too lazy or too poor to go get themselves.
Presents has become so shallow and unpersonal. In some situations, like when you move away from home, or wishing something with the band you love the most, I get it. Because the one is really necessary, the other is personal if you love the band by heart.
But yeah, since this is what I don't like about christmas I want to avoid it. Which means I'll be buying this stuff myself. I just can't get myself to wish it for christmas. It feels wrong.
OH WELL! Here goes.

Sims 3 Expansions
because CDon have 2 for 200DKR, and that's not much when one costs 240 in stores.
And uhm, I need a break from Diablo II.
A lot of stuff!
Dethklok bag (front and back) cause I need a black bag instead of using my army-green Gorillaz bag constantly. And it says Dethklok!
A very slim Manson poster I couldn't resist either. It will look so beautiful on my wall.
Megadeth coffee mug, cause look at it! Compared to normal band-mugs this one has shape! Trust me, it will make my morning coffee taste lot better. I know it.
And last, Mördhaus and Facebones sticker to put on the glowing Apple of my Mac. To make it brutal. Waah. MacBook Brutal.
All of this for a fair amount of 550DKR. That'd be 100$, 73€ or 63 £. I think everyone get me here now.

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