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Marble Hornets

Have you heard of this?
If not, it's time you do.

"Marble Hornets" is the name of a film that Alex Kralie wanted to shoot. But the production wasn't long before he gave it up and quit it.
His friend Jay, being a film student himself, was interested in seeing Alex' work. But Alex didn't want them. He didn't want anyone to see them. "Burn them", he said.
After long convincing he finally gave the tapes to Jay, and then left town.

Jay forgets about them, but suddenly they pop up again in the back of his closet. And as he continues to watch them, and dig into the whole situation, he finds himself in a place he wish he never got into.

You can follow Jay though all this on both his YouTube channel and his Twitter account.
You can also follow 'Totheark', an account who uploads videoresponses to Jay's entries. Who he is, is not exactly sure, but he is believed to be the guy with the mask.

I really like this series, especially because of all the loose ends that they slowly connects, and then creates a whole new one to follow. Not only is it interesting, but also this is the first "movie" in over 5 years that actually gave me a little scare. And I have seen many horrormovies in my lifetime.

Here you can see the introduction video:

I hope you like it. Cause I surely fuckin' did!

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