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Deathstars 3nov11

Okay, so after being sick for 8 days it has finally come to the day whereDeathstars visited Denmark… and I was feeling like shit. I tried going to school, which just meant I felt even more like fuck. I tried everything to get well and nothing worked. So 15 min before my train left I had to decide: Feel like shitfuck, but at least see the Deathstars guys.. or actually get well and stop puking, but missing out on what I’ve waited 3 years for.
And I decided to go.

In the train, I was close to vomiting four times, until my friend came and pushed into my palms (trick you do when feeling nauseous. It makes it go away) so I could rest.
So I felt like fuck through the whole train-trip, also before going into the venue when we took the bus… basically 6 hours of fuck fuck and more fuck
When we were waiting for them, I was sure I wasn’t going to make it.
And then they finally went on.

Now, my plan was to stay seated in the back… but in just 15 min I was up front and rocking out, and I still have absolutely NO idea how I could! I was in the fucking front! And I didn’t feel sick at all, I felt so good and so alive, I’M SO ALIVE! (This was a KISS-referance)
Concerts really are the best cure.

I went home with a great experience in mind, Emil’s pick (WOOOOOH!), nice conversation with Emil’s wife, a Deathstars t-shirt, Deathstars badges, and a cute photo of Whiplasher sitting on the floor.

Oh by the way.. The venue was really small and only like 10 cm. above ground, so the guys was.. as close as possible. And at one point, Andreas, Skinny and Emil (and Cat..) was lined up RIGHT in front of me, and Andreas smiled at me because of my hair, AAEAWEAWEAWEAWEA FANGIRL MOMENT SO MUCH MANSEX I GOT PREGNANT FROM IT.

Ps. I didn’t know a man could sweat that much. Andreas had sweat… from his fucking elbows.
Pps. I think Emil learned that sweat + make-up + that small a stage = Hair glued to face. It annoyed the fuck out of him, haah.
Ppps. Andreas said that Denmark was cum. Because Norway is penis. I love Andreas.
I love Deathstars!

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